Start-up Consultancy Firm


Why Startup requires consultation?

We realize what your startup idea means to you – it is your brain-child. You would do all it takes to see your startup idea turn into a successful and prospering business venture. Nurturing your startup idea properly would require more than just time and effort. It requires specific skills, and knowledge of how the industry works, which come with years of experience. This is why you need to implement your business idea in coordination with us, Jamali Infocom, a startup consulting firm.

Our startup consulting firm offers some of the best business and IT solutions. Services offered by us include:

Mobile Application Development

  • iPhone Application Development
  • Android Application Development

What we offer?

We, at Jamali Infocom, are a team of startup business specialists. Our team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who exploit our global experience in order to offer some of the best technological solutions. As a leading startup consulting firm, we offer a range of capabilities so as to help you address your IT challenges. We supplement your startup idea with our marketing skills, research capabilities, requirement analysis, domain expertise, and much more.

Web Solutions

1) Web Hosting Services 2) Web Designing & Development 3) E-commerce Solution 4) Content Management

Software Solution

1) Custom Application Development 2) Application Maintenance 3) Software Testing

Digital Marketing

1) Search Engine Marketing 2) Social Media Marketing

We Help Startups with

Our team of startup specialists can help you scale up your business while minimizing its costs. Together, we can come up with the right It solutions and a strong marketing campaign to help your business grow at a much faster pace and on budget. We can help you bring your vision to reality by building market ready viable products, we can also help upgrade your existing products with relevant technology.
Get your product out in the market in 30 days.

Build Viable Products

Over the years we have developed over 100+ products across mobile, web and cloud platforms. This experience has given us deep insights into specific domains, drastically shortening the learning curve and thus saving time and money for our clients. Even our product development model is extremely fine-tuned. Every project has experts with multi-industry and multi-technology knowledge working together to deliver the best output. In 30 days flat, you can get your Minimum Viable Product up and ready to test the market. READ MORE (link to Products Page). You can also take our money back guarantee service, to test waters.
Upgrade outdated products

Make Your Product Future ready

With technology evolving every day, software products must constantly upgrade to keep up with the pace. Mobile, cloud and SaaS have now enabled various types of software to be more scalable, easily manageable, affordable and more accessible. We are always on the cutting edge of technology and totally equipped to overhaul your product if you need to keep your product relevant in this dynamic environment. Take a look at our case studies (hyper link) to know about our successes. Our Services span the following:
  • SaaS consulting: Strategic roadmap definition for SaaS enablement.
  • Mobile Enabled: Defining mobile strategy and implementation
  • Support and Maintenance
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