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Digital signage has never been this easy. Jamali Infocom brings you XiBO cloud-based digital signage solutions. XiBO is a cloud based software-as-a-service platform for managing contents of interactive kiosks and digital signage screens, without the needs for any software installation locally. Your content is uploaded on the cloud, while we maintain the host-server. It may also be referred to as a cloud-based dashboard, interface, or content management system (CMS).

With XiBO cloud based digital signage solutions, you simply need to log in to your cloud based CMS on any device that is internet-connected (laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet) to manage your digital signage contents. Through our cloud based digital signage solution, you can easily control all your interactive kiosks or digital signage screens in real-time, from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Advantages of XiBO cloud based digital signage solutions?

Jamali Infocom offers XiBO cloud based digital signage solutions that are one of the most effective, versatile and easy to use solution.

Easier Setup

Setting up an XiBO cloud based digital signage solution is as easy as it gets and involves just some plugs and clicks; no IT specialists or technical knowledge is required as such. Just plug in the digital signage player into the digital signage screen and connect the digital signage player to the internet. Now log in to your dashboard from anywhere around the world to manage your digital signage content.

Less Maintenance

When it comes to XiBO cloud based digital signage solutions, there is minimum to no maintenance required. The software is updated automatically, players are energy-efficient, and the servers do not need to be maintained. And if something still goes wrong, we are here to help you.

Remote Access

One of the key advantage of using cloud based digital signage solutions is the ability to manage your content from anywhere, just with the help of an internet-connected device. If your business has multiple digital signage screens at various locations, it becomes all the more important for you to efficiently manage your content remotely. It gives to the ability to manage and display your content at the right place, at the right time.

Digital Signage Solutions

Media Support for multiple platforms!
Xibo supports most types of media you might want to use and we have made it as easy as possible to add.
Library Media
Media that exists in the Library is media that you have uploaded into the CMS, such as Video or Image files. You can access the library at any time and get a clear list of files you have uploaded.
Layout Media
Some media only exists on a Layout, for example a RSS Ticker or piece of text.
Layouts represent the design of your content and typically consist of a background image overlaid with one or more Regions. Each Region holds a Timeline which is a list of media that should be played.
Layouts can be previewed directly in the CMS so you can see how your Layout will look before releasing it to any Display clients.
Layouts can be grouped into Campaigns for easy management.
Layouts are scheduled to Displays for playback. Scheduling in Xibo only requires a from date, a to date and a tick next to the Display that should show the Layout. Priority schedules can be set to override other content.
Repeating events
Events can be repeated at predefined intervals – choose from hourly to yearly repeats.
Schedule Now
Want to quickly schedule something to run now? Schedule Now is accessible from the Layout or Display management and only needs a duration.
Displays Signage Players
Each Display represents a connected signage player and is used to schedule Layouts to be shown.
Displays can be put into Groups for easy Scheduling and Management.
Statistics Proof of Play and Bandwidth
Xibo monitors each Display for bandwidth usage, log in / out events, proof of play statistics and much more.
Don’t need scheduling?
Displays even have a default Layout to be shown when nothing else is scheduled.
Permissions Everything has permissions
Xibo Permissions can be as simple or as complex as required. A system can be run to that everyone sees everything, or so that every item is under lock and key.
Permissions can be assigned to individual users.
User Types
Each user has a user type which automatically gives them more or less permissions.
User Groups
Users can be put into groups for even more flexibility. There is a special “Everyone” group to assign permissions to all users.


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