Easy and Convenient Restaurant Management System

Admin Panel to Manage all Restaurant Details & Android Application for Managing Tables

  • Role wise Logins – Super Admin, Admin, Kitchen Manager, Account Manager & Waiter
  • Admin Panel – Manage Cusinies, Categories, Food Items, Tax, Discounts, Currency & Restaurant Details
  • Manage Restaurants at multiple locations.
  • Supports Adding Images for Category & Food Items
  • Change Food Items Price as per the Currency


Perhaps, the biggest challenge faced by many restaurateurs is to be present at the restaurant all the time. This becomes even more challenging in case of chain-restaurants with multiple outlets. The restaurant owner may designate specific tasks to different staff members, but this does not eliminate the need to oversee how the restaurant is being run in your absence. This arises the need for an efficient restaurant management system that provide you with detailed insights and real-time reports, from anywhere, through an internet-connected device.

Jamali Infocom brings to you our efficient and lucrative restaurant management system – fundook. With our restaurant management system, oversee all the operations of your restaurant, even when you are not present there. It also enables you to manage your restaurant menu items and price remotely.

Our restaurant management system – fundook – offers the following advantages:

Bill Tracking

A restaurateur must always be aware of the bills generated at the restaurant, even in their absence. This will help you get insight on the busiest hours of the day.

Keeping a track of details provides the restaurateur with a comprehensive information of the most popular item in your menu, total sales incurred, and rush hours.

Inventory Tracking

Keeping a track of your stock and inventory lets you know when you need to restock, how much stock you have at present and at the end and beginning of the day. According to the inventory and stock reports, you can place the purchase order remotely.

Theft Control

One can never be sure about their staff being honest. Internal theft is a common issue in the restaurant business. This is where our restaurant management system can help you. It allows you to track each and every facet of your restaurant operation, so as to avoid theft.

Fundook Offers the Following Function:

Admin Panel

  • Fundook is Enriched with power packed Web based Admin Panel which gives full control to easily customize the app as per your requirements with just few clicks.
  • Role wise Logins – Super Admin, Admin, Kitchen Manager, Account Manager & End User (Waiter)
  • Upload Menu Data All at once using CSV File
  • Date wise search Orders and can export to CSV File
  • Manage Individual Discounts per Order (Optional)
  • Manage Tax, Discounts, Currency & Restaurant Details from Settings in Admin Panel

Restaurant Menu:

  • Easily Browse through the Food Items, Cuisine / Category Wise.
  • Single Point Admin Panel to Manage all your Food Menu / Items for your restaurants at multiple locations
  • Add / Update new / existing Food Items, Category wise
  • Supports Adding Images for Category & Food Items
  • Change Food Items Price as per the Currency

Manage Tables:

  • Add New Tables as per the New Guests Arriving
  • Can browse through Active / Inactive Tables
  • Easy & Convenient way to Manage Orders for Active Tables


  • At the end, Guests can optionally provide feedback related to there over all experience in Restaurant
  • Star Ratings / Review Features
  • Feedback also includes asking Customers Phone No & email which can also be skipped

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