Hospital Management System

  • Patient History
  • Book Appointments
  • Marking
  • Medicine


Clinic Management System (CMS)

One of the main objectives of doctors practicing independently through a clinic is to move the patients through the visit easily and efficiently. As per studies, managing cost-effectiveness, and maintain the growth of the practice and satisfy the patients, at the same time, is the number one challenge faced by clinicians. The rapid growth in the number of patients, if not supplemented with adequate scale up of management systems, leads to poor patient- service and inefficient operations.

Jamali Infocom offers you with the best medical software solutions for all your clinical needs. We bring to you the “Clinic Management System”. CMS solutions transforms the way independent medical practices and clinics operate. Clinic Management System helps you streamline patient lifecycle within the clinic, simplify the workflow, reduce no-shows, and produce accurate claims.

Clinic management system is one of the latest medical software solutions, brought to you by Jamali Infocom. The system simplifies the process of communication between the receptionist and the doctor or medical practitioner. Generally, there would be two admins for the software; it would be operated by the doctor and the receptionist.

Our clinic management system offers our clients the following advantages:

  • Doctors have easy access to patients’ medical record and details
  • The clinic management system automates the procedure of manually managing clinical activities
  • It generates an instant bill, eliminating the need for maintaining paper records
  • It saves effort, time, money and resources
  • The clinic management system is flexible and convenient to use
  • Intuitive navigation flow and user interface
  • Automated regular remote backups, so as to avoid downtime

The clinic management system takes care of all your clinic operations, like listing the number of patients, doctor wise patient count, number of appointments, revenue per clinic/department, and much more.

Electronic Medical Records

Easily manage your patients’ medical details and history through the Electronic medical records. EMR are a great way of accessing patient details, through role-based access control, while maintaining confidentiality of patient details.

You can achieve the following with our Hospital Management System (HMS) solutions:

Patient History

  • Maintain Patient Visit, Diagnosis and Treatment History with ease. Maintain Patient Contact Detail.

Book Appointments

  • Book Appointments for Doctors. Maintain Status like New, Waiting, Consulation, Complete and Cancel.
  • Generate Bills
  • Easily Generate Bill and Print Receipt. Give Discounts and Maintain Pending Payments.


  • Mark the treatment Areas
  • Female / Male Face and Front / Back Body Image for Marking
  • Keep Record with Images
  • Very useful for Skin Specialists


  • Maintain Medicine Stock
  • Maintain Purchase Register
  • Sell Medicine to Patient from Visit
  • Sell Medicine to Patient directly (without Visit)
  • Print Receipt