Partner Advantage


Our TechyIdiot model provides our partners the most important tool they need to handle their changing resource requirements, total control.

Delivering on-demand expertise

Get total control on your resources

Many of our clients want our experts for their project but don’t want us to work on their entire project as they already have an in-house team working on it. The solution – TechyIdiot. A flexible and scalable way to get resources to work for you. Under TechyIdiot you get a dedicated, on-demand pool of technology talents. These experts will work with you as ‘your’ team. Learn more about the benefits of my TechyIdiot. Also, try our money-back guarantee trial.

Get a 2-week Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee Trial

Building Business Intelligence and Analytics

Make better decisions using data

Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing practice leverages our rich expertise, premium partnerships and unique Data-to-Intelligence approach to provide an integrated business intelligence strategy that aids in data-based decision making to drive business and discover hidden trends while addressing the need of information users at every level. Our BI services and solutions leverage tools like Microsoft BI, Talend etc. to help transform your organisational data into intelligence that aid in making fact based business decision. BI Functional Areas:

  1. BI Consulting including a strategic roadmap definition for business intelligence, landscape assessment & health check services.
  2. Implementation comprising interactive dashboards, scorecards, on-demand reporting, budgeting and planning, scenario modeling and mobile solutions for BI.

Whether you are start-up or an established business, there’s a fair chance, that at some point in time you will look at outsourcing as a viable cost effective solution. What you really need though, is a cost effective strategy that gives you complete control over your project. What you need is Techyidiots, who can understand the technology and purpose of the business process you want to built.

Techyidiots team is consists of:

  1. A Scrum Master
  2. Skilled Developers
  3. Designer
  4. Tester

Why techyidiots?

We are a startup company with group of individuals, who have a vision of bringing technology to business.

We have been called “idiots” by people , when they hear about our vision.

So we call our selves as TECHYIDIOTS, who create fusion of business and technology, so that even an idiot can understand what technology means.

Techyidiots Advantages!

#1 Custom Build your Techyidiots team

Techyidiots team is flexible and can be custom built in way that it best addresses your needs and augments your existing infrastructure.

#2 Flexible across Technology stacks

No matter what your needs are, web, mobile, UI/UX or cloud computing, Techyidiots will provide you the right mix of talent.

#3 Cost effective and transparent

Your Techyidiots team starts at USD 553 a week, invoiced in arrears and paid post-delivery of work. You never pay an advance. Ever.

#4 Easy Maneuvering

Techyidiots engagement comes built with hassle free start, no advance payment, no long-term contract and a two week notice at any time, to stop the engagement. Ramp up or ramp down the team size with a short notice period.

#5 Planned development life cycles

Techyidiots helps you plan your development life cycles, funding and time to market really well. The team shares a daily time sheet, code is delivered weekly and demos as frequent as every two weeks.

#6 Risk-free Money back guarantee trial

A two week risk-free money-back guarantee trial, will give you a chance to work directly with the team and continue with the engagement for a period of 2 weeks, post which you choose whether or not to continue. No obligation. No risk.